Chocolate Awards 2022 Collection

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To celebrate our wins from the NZ Chocolate Awards we've put together a sweet little collection so you can judge them for yourself.


  • Gold went to “Viva Frida". The judges said "Excellent complexity in chilli use. Pumpkin seeds add a note of complexity and rounds out the flavour. Well tempered and a good depth of flavour. A very attractive chocolate."
  • Gold went to “Le Breakfast" The judges said “Has a distinctive aroma with outstanding depth of flavour and excellent texture. Very pleasant
    sensation of breakfast croissant and coffee tells a story finishing with croissant on the palette. Takes you to your local café!"
  • Gold went to “Bollywood Disco” The judges said “Amazing with such interesting flavours. The smoothness of the ganache is excellent."
  • Silver went to “Swinging Sultan” The judges said “Love the balance of flavour, especially the hint of rose without being overpowering." 
  • Bronze went to “Sputnik Joe” The judges said “Beautiful ganache and good quality chocolate"
  • Bronze went to "Drunk'n Donut" The judges said "Clever concept, the cinnamon comes through well"

**Product Shelf Life

  • Bars 12 months
  • Truffles 6 weeks
  • Caramels 16 weeks
  • Brittle 12 months