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With the success of the Smoke & Fire special last month, you have inspired the Baron to instruct our chief chocolate disciple to make a new creation EVERY MONTH!

On the first of every month a unique limited edition creation will ride the *chocolate travelator.

Only 50 boxes made.
No months are the same.

First dibs!

July special edition is Sozzled Cherry Hazelnut Praline. 6 x 30g pieces.

Caramelised roasted hazelnuts, ground into a super smooth praline & mixed with some dreamy dried cherry's that have been sozzled in brandy.

*Made with good morals & good vibes from ethical, traceable Weave couverture.


INGREDIENTS: Hazelnut Praline (Spray Free Hazelnuts, Castor Sugar, Spices), Chocolate 70% (PNG Cacao, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Sunflower Lecithin), Dried Cherries, Brandy, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt.