Jaguar Cacao with Neighbourhood Apples and Cinnamon

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WELCOME to the Apple and Cinnamon bar… where  cacao’s cousin Theobroma Bicolour from Oaxaca, Mexico with notes of macadamia and sesame butter is blended with cinnamon and apples from our local community orchard. Crafting this bar was super fun – using a really unique and rare bean to create a new and adventurous style of chocolate.  Take a piece, relax and enjoy the delicious things in life.
–Clayton McErlane; Chief Chocolate Disciple.

44% Bicolour, 24% CACAO CONTENT
INGREDIENTS: Theobroma Bicolour (Oaxaca, Mexico, direct trade), Organic Sugar, Cacao Butter (Papua New Guinea), Dried Apple, Apple Powder (Apple, Lemon Juice), Cinnamon, Vanilla Pod, Sunflower Lecithin.