Jaguar vs. Chiapas

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Welcome to the Jaguar Cacao vs. Chiapas Cacao bar. 70%

Where the very rare Theobroma Bicolour (Jaguar cacao) from Oaxaca, Mexico, meets its cousin Theobroma Cacao from Chiapas, Mexico. This is a super special creation, showcasing Jaguar cacao's sesame butter cream flavours against the deep cherry walnut notes of the cacao from Chiapas.

We've been so excited to get our hands on these bicolour beans, this is the first time they've ever been imported into New Zealand, and we're the first chocolate makers to play with them. 

This is a limited edition run, we only have 350 bars up for grabs. So don't let yourself miss out on this one, it really is unique and we're so excited to hear your thoughts.